Cleaning Up the Orchard

Today is May 8, 2017.  I’ve been cleaning up the Orchard since the end of April, weather permitting.


The orchard look to the south.  I had to rake in between each tree and get all the dead grass out.  The grass was really high, so it probably hadn’t been done in years.


The orchard look to the north.


The orchard looking west.  The big dirt spot is where there were four boxes of grass.  I think they must of been for rabbits.


This section shows how tall the grass had gotten.  The grass is wrapped around the branches which makes it really difficult to get out.


A few bags of leaves and grass, so far I’ve filled 10 bags.


I found this in another part of the acreage.  I’m not sure what it is, it looks like a jaw bone but part of it is wood.


Then when I opened it up it looks like teeth.

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