Time to let go

Friends come and go, sometimes for a long time and sometimes for a short period. Recently I’ve had to let someone go, I really didn’t like how I was treated.  I’ll call her friend 1.  It all started back in 2014, when we worked together.  I was told by another employee that friend 1 had turned on me.  She was telling things about me, how she didn’t like how I worked.  I didn’t do my work properly.

Friend 1 ended up being ill shortly afterwards and had to quit.  I chalked her turning on me, to her illness and let it go.  I contacted her a few months afterwards, we would meet for coffee once a week.  Friend 1 seemed nice to me again.

I lost my job in December of 2015 and friend 1 was very supportive.  She seemed to be on my side.

When we purchased the acreage in June of 2016, she told me that she didn’t want me to move out of town.   We both had always dreamed of owning an acreage and having the peace and quiet.  I was really surprised since I thought she would be happy for us.  Friend 1 lives out of town on 2 acres.

Last October another coworker ended up having her job eliminated.  So I invited friend 2 to join us.  At first friend 1 didn’t seem too happy to have friend 2 with us.  I noticed friend 1 would talk in my direction but not in friend 2’s.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  Friend 1 started talking to friend 2 more and would leave me out of the conversation.  She made a few condescending comments about the acreage.  She told me I was too old to be living on the acreage that I should have done it 20 years ago.  That would have been impossible since I was living in another province and married to someone else!

I have been subjected to friend 1’s jibes that she probably thought would pass over me. She told me that the garden is too big for me and that I wouldn’t be able to maintain.

Friend 1 said the front of our house needs to be improved.  It is enclosed at the front door, I like it because in the winter it keeps the extreme cold out.  In spring it works well as a greenhouse. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.  It’s an old farm house on an acreage.   To be able to see the front of the house you have to drive up the driveway.

When I was preparing the bathroom for painting, I told friend 1 and 2 about the walls.  The wall above the shower had a circle and it had a raised edge.  Friend 1 turned to friend 2 and said what else is she going to find!

The last meeting on March 29th was the last straw.  Friend 1 and 2 were talking the entire time we were together.  I couldn’t get a word in, it seemed that friend 1 was doing it on purpose.  She had a habit of cutting in and talking about her experience.  No matter what the subject was.  It didn’t matter if friend 2 or myself were talking.  I find that to be rude and really irritating.

I sent Friend 1 an email letting her I would no longer be going for coffee.  Friend 2 would contact her, so they could get together.  She sent an email back.  “Why what happened?  I’ll miss you!”

The response really didn’t bother me because I knew that she didn’t want me coming for coffee anymore.  I also let Friend 2 know, that she was a good friend and I hoped we would still see each other.

It’s now April 25, 2017 and no word from Friend 1.  Luckily Friend 2 and I are meeting for coffee every week.  We have such a good time and many laughs.

2 thoughts on “Time to let go

  1. It’s sad. 😞 Sometimes people are in our lives for a short time and some are in our lives forever. Know you are loved and cared for always 🤗 Your sis, Bren


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