The Living Room Update

Today is February 10, 2017.  I started the preparations to paint the living room.  I washed three of the walls I plan on painting.  I’m not going to paint the whole living room at one time.  There just wouldn’t be anywhere to put all the furniture.  I plastered some on the holes and dents on the walls.


This is what the living room looked like when we first moved in.  Where the treadmill is, that is where the addition was.


This is the living room after I removed the three tier table, the king and queen chairs.  My husband had the addition removed and closed it in.  The addition was in very bad shape.  It was built 25 or 30 years ago.  There is no footings, the cement was just an outline of a square.  In the middle was a carpet, tarps and dirt.  The addition had dropped a foot, the ceiling was sunken in and the floor was rotting.  The smell was terrible and when the wall came down, there were a lot of mice.


This is a different view of the living room.



A different view of the living room.


Today is March 10, 2017, I finished this wall today.  I had run out of paint and wanted to wait until the hardware store had it on sale.

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