A leak in the toilet tank

Today is March 5, 2017.  Today I was painting the bathroom and I noticed that the toilet tank was leaking on one side.  It stopped for awhile and then it started again but much stronger.  The other side started leaking as well.  I had buckets under each side but I couldn’t understand why the tank started leaking.  I just hoped the tank didn’t have a crack in it.


I googled a leaking toilet tank and the first thing it said was to replace the toilet!  It went on to say that sometimes the bolt holding the tank to the toilet gets lose. The other issue could be that the washers need to be replaced.  First the water would have to be turned off and the toilet flushed to get the water out. The bolts would be taken off, the old washers removed, the new washers put on and the bolts put back on.  Then the water would be turned back on.

I used a wrench and was able to tighten the bolts on both sides.  So far no more leaking toilet tank!

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