The Dryer

It is January 27, 2017.  We bought our washer and dryer on July 6, 2016.  I found that the laundry was taking too long to dry.  The towels were taking 3 hours to dry and clothing was taking 2 hours to dry.  I phoned the dealer in town and because it’s still under warranty they would send the repairman out.  The retail clerk said it would be 3 weeks before the repairman would be back here.20160824_224538

Today is February 22, 2017.  I phoned today and they said the repairman will be here on March 2.  I was also told to turn off the breaker and put it back on.  That sometimes one of the breakers will go but not the other one.  It is a double breaker.  So the dryer ends up with half the electricity.  I said okay I will try it and let you know.   I think it has to be the element in the dryer.

Today is February 24, 2017.  I talked with the service clerk again, I was told to check the chute outside to see if it was plugged.  It has never happened that a dryer I owned would be plugged.  The chute has a grate across the bottom and it was totally plugged with lint.  I unplugged it and put it back on.  I was told it’s there so mice do not enter through the chute into the house.

Well I was happy to have the dryer working properly again.  I wish I had thought to google the problem, then I wouldn’t have wasted the electricity.

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