Another room done

Today is February 17, 2017.  I started pulling the wallpaper off the computer room.


This is the north wall, it had one layer of wallpaper on it.  It was pretty easy to take off.  I was able to take it all off and wash it in one day.


This is the west wall, it had two layers of wallpaper on it.  The top layer was painted.  The wallpaper was quite brittle.  Some spots I was able to get big chunks off and other spots it was little bits.  I was able to get all the wallpaper off and washed in one day.


The north wall painted.


The south wall which was the most difficult wall to do.   It had one layer of wallpaper that was painted.  I tried a steam iron and fabric softener but neither of them worked.


This how the wallpaper was coming off.  There were 7 panels.



The room is finished now to put the rest of the furniture back.

20170304_190242Holly in the newly painted room.


Everything is back in the room.


I’m very happy the way it turned out.  This wall took 6 days to scrap the wallpaper off.



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