Renovating the second bedroom

Today is January 31, 2017.  I have been working on the second bedroom since January 14, 2017.  It has been definitely a labour of love.  The entire room had wallpaper on it, the first layer was painted on, the second layer was stuck to the third layer and the third layers backing was very thick.

I started on the south wall which I found out was pine wood that is interlocking.  It is very nice wood but the problem was they must of used a ton of glue.


The left side has been done and the right side needs to be done.  It was extremely difficult getting the backing and glue off.  I used hot water and my girlfriends told me to use a hair dryer.  Hot water seems to work much better than the hair dryer.  I found with the hair dryer it just made me hot.


The wallpaper at the bottom of the wall wouldn’t even come off.  The wallpaper at the top I could just pull it off.

It is January 24, 2017 and I started on the north wall.   It was just as much trouble as the east wall.  It’s at least not as big an area.  In between the edge of the wall and the door was hard to get a tool in to scrap it.

It took so long to do the scraping on the south wall, that my right arm is very sore.  I’ve been having stabbing pains in my wrist and I can hardly grasp anything in my hand.  I will have to use my left hand now.


It is January 26, 2017.  The north wall was a lot easier to pull off the wallpaper in the area shown in the photograph.


In the photograph to the right where there is a join in the two boards, the wallpaper was very difficulty to take off.  Once again they used a ton of glue, it took me four days to get it off.  I would do half the wall a day.



It is January 30, 2017, I decided to stop doing the north wall and start on the west wall.  It was stapled onto the wood.  The wood is very rough looking, nothing like the south wall.  It looks like the wood was cut and nothing was done to it.  The space in between the boards, I can see cardboard instead of insulation.

I had to take the staples out of the wall from the wallpaper, there must of been at least 50!  My husband decided that I should put on Typar building wrap as an insulation barrier and then he would put on drywall.

It is January 31, 2017 and I have taken the last of the wallpaper off!  I can’t believe how long it has taken.  There are two more rooms and the bathroom to do.  My husband called to meet him at the hardware store.  We bought 2 sheets of drywall and drywall screws.


I found this on the second to  last board on east wall.

Today is February 1, 2017.  My husband put up the drywall with a number of complaints.  It wasn’t easy with the window in the middle of the wall!  It took about an hour and it will have to be mudded.

Today is February 2, 2017.  I had to scrub down the walls to get any excess glue off.  I started on the north wall then the next couple of days I worked on the rest of the walls.  The south wall took a really long time and I had to do it twice.

Today is February 6, 2017.  I started painting the room, the first can I opened was a gray blue.  It was suppose to be beige but I liked the colour so I used it as the main colour in the room.  The second can I opened was burgundy.  It was suppose to be a dark gray.  I tried stirring up the paint but the gray was all on the bottom.

I took the can back to the store and had them shake it up.  I told the clerk about the can of beige paint but she didn’t know why it was like that.

The paint dries within an hour so I was able to put on two coats on three of the walls.  The south wall I had to hand paint with a brush.  I was afraid the roller would be too big to do the boards.  I wanted the dark gray to start on the first board then the gray blue on the second board.  So I would be altering between the two colours.

I started painting at ten in the morning and finished at eight thirty at night.  I did take quite a few breaks but not for very long.  I didn’t want the brush to get hard.


This is the south wall, the colours don’t really show up right in the picture.


This is the north wall.


This is the east wall.


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