Play Date for Smokey

Today is February 14, 2017.  Today Smokey had his first play date with Mista.  Our pack of dogs generally get along but the two brothers Diesel and Smokey, have had issues since they were quite young.  I thought if Smokey and Mista got along it would be nice for Smokey.  Diesel didn’t like Mista the last time Mista came over.  So Diesel is definitely out!


Mista is on the left and Smokey is on the right.


After Mista went home the dogs and I went for a walk.  This is Smokey.


This is Diesel.


This is Hoss, he has a very long tongue.


Smokey and Boozer.


Hoss is running to catch up with us.


Sylvester came for a walk too.  I was having trouble seeing the images on my phone camera.  It was so bright there was quite the reflection on my screen.

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