The Propane Tank

Today is January 16, 2017.  We have a propane tank that is shaped like a bullet.


The furnace, the hot water tank, and the stove all use propane.  When we first took possession of the acreage we moved our stuff in but didn’t actually sleep in the house until June 17, 2016.  We phoned for a fill once we had received the money from the sale of our house in town.  Unfortunately they lost our order so we didn’t get a fill until July 7, 2016.

October 17, 2016 ($399.04),  I phone to get another delivery because I thought we were at 20%.  It turns out that we were actually at 40%.

December 20, 2016 ($851.87), I phoned on December 12.  On December 19 we hadn’t had a fill and we ran of propane.  We had to borrow 4 heaters from my friends.  It wasn’t that cold thank goodness or we would be in trouble.  We needed to keep the pipes warm and ourselves warm.  I had been in town and decided to bring home supper which was a good thing!

I went on vacation and my husband stayed behind.  When I checked the tank on the December 30, 2016 it was down by 22%.

I went to Regina with my girlfriend for a week and when I came back on January 8, 2017 it was at 40%.   We didn’t even last a month on a full tank!

January 16, 2017 ($613.69) we had another fill.  I just make sure that I give them enough time and let them know when our tank is at 40%.   I checked it on January 22 and it was 75%, mind you it hasn’t been that cold so that makes quite a bit of difference.  I checked it again on January 29, 2017 and it was at 65%.

February 5, 2017 we are at 50%.  It has been getting colder which isn’t good, we end up using 15% to 20% at week.  The average house would use 10% a week during colder temperatures, I was told at Co-Operative.


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