The Water Pressure Switch

Today is January 11, 2016.  We have no water today.  We are so naive when it comes to the pumps for the well, the sewer, the sump and the water pressure switch.  It will be a learning experience that’s for sure.

My husband was able to get the water back on again.

Today is January 17, 2016.  I noticed last night the water pressure seemed a bit low but I didn’t think the water would stop again.  This morning a just barely had my shower when the water stopped.

I sent my husband a text message, since he was at work.  He called within a few minutes.  He said “I HATE THE HOUSE!”  He’s always rented so he’s never had the worry of something breaking down.  He didn’t know what else to do but try the pressure switch.


This is the water pressure switch, rather corroded.

I sent my girlfriend a text message and asked her if her husband would be free to help me.  That we didn’t have any water and my husband was at work.  They both came and her husband was able to get it working.  He said, “You need a new one.”  He showed me on the gauge that the pressure was too high.  He got it back down but told me to watch it.  If it goes too high it could blow up the hot water tank.

I checked after they left and it was passed 50.  I turned off the water and the power.

I phoned our local Home Hardware but the clerk said they didn’t carry them.  I could probably get one at the plumbing store.  I phoned the plumbing store and they had one, it was $40.  I went to town and bought it.


It looks so pretty!

When my husband got home he took off the old one and put on the new one.  He was having a time changing it.  Then we couldn’t get the water going.  i tried then he tried.  Finally he got it to work.

Today is January 18, 2012.  This morning there was no water again.  I went downstairs to try starting it but I wasn’t having much luck.  So I decided to leave it, then around noon I thought I had better get it going before my husband comes home.  I know he would have a fit if we didn’t have water again.

After a number of tries I got it to work.  We found out we have a water softening system.  So the tank has a clock and different settings.  It has to be ticking or it isn’t working.  It it doesn’t work the water pressure switch won’t work either.

I was telling my two friends over coffee, the one was quite alarmed and asked if I had been putting salt in the softening tank.  I said well since I didn’t know anything about it, no I haven’t!  The other friend said, “It doesn’t make any difference, it just doesn’t soften the water.”

Today is January 24, 2016.  It’s been a week now and the water pressure switch is working great.  It seems that our water pressure is much better.

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