The end of Christmas Vacation

Today is December 29, 2016.  We were up before four o’clock, my flight was at six o’clock in the morning.  My son said we should leave at 4:45 but that was too late.  He even stopped for gas!

I went to do a boarding pass at the kiosk but it was too late.  The clerk said I should have been there earlier.  It was already 5:20 and the flight was about to board.  I still had to go through security.  So I quickly said goodbye to my son and went through security.

It was so pretty looking down at Calgary as we were descending.

20161229_064800Descending into Calgary


Another shot descending into Calgary


The third shot descending into Calgary


The fourth shot descending into Calgary


The fifth shot descending into Calgary


As we were descending the sun started to rise.


Now we are about to land.

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