Christmas Vacation

Today is December 22, 2016.  I left the acreage to travel to Abbotsford, B.C. to spend Christmas with my children.  My husband never goes, he stays to look after the animals and be with his own children.

The flight there wasn’t very good, a lot of turbulence and a few times the plane dropped.  Not the greatest feeling as you are travelling over the Rockies!  I had a stop over in Calgary and at the airport I saw a man dressed in a onesie that matched his child!  They were waiting for his wife to come out of the washroom.  She was wearing the same onesie.

My son and daughter picked me up at the airport.  It was so good seeing them.  It’s been a year since I saw my daughter and 5 months since I saw my son.  We had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant, before heading to my son’s place.


My sons backyard.


His street.


Snowing on December 26, 2016



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