The Burning Day

Today is November 19, 2016.  It is burning day for the wood pile.  My husband called the Fire Watch hotline.  He had it put on for 2 days.  The town dump charges for unclean wood.  We can’t afford to pay for the many hundreds of loads we would have to take.  The town dump burns all the wood in the dump once a year.


Lighting the burning pile was quite the challenge.  It had rained so much in the summer, the wood was really damp.


The pile would only burn from the back, my husband found some dry grass.  He was able to light it and the wood caught on fire as well.


Now the flames are getting bigger.


It’s really burning now!  The heat from the fires was unbelievable.


The front view looks like it’s hardly burning.


It’s really burning now!  Even at the front it looks like a roaring fire.


A close up of the blazing fire.



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