Moving the siding

Today is August 23, it suppose to rain today. So far it’s overcast but later in the morning the clouds cleared. I started moving the last pile of siding. At least this pile had short boards so it was easier to move. I was able to finish the pile of siding, I was so glad that was done.


They had put pallets under the siding, which was stuck in the ground by the weeds. I tried lifting them out but it was too difficult. I had to use the small tractor to pull them out. I was able to get two pallets out but the other two were deep in the bush.

The seamstress called after lunch to tell me my drapes are ready. I was happy they were done. I went to get them and on the way back it started raining. I headed home since I had left the small tractor outside. When I got home the seat was all wet. The raindrops were really large.

I didn’t have a jacket on when I left to go to the seamstress, so I changed when I got home.

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