Heritage Day

Today is August 20, it would have been my father’s 96th birthday. He’s been gone now for 8 years. He was a great inspiration and strength for me during and after my divorce.

Today I’m tackling the bush behind the garage. I’m close to finishing the first pile of siding. It’s quite the task moving them onto small trailer and then going to the wood pile. I miss having my ride on lawn mower/small tractor that the trailer attaches to. It has been in the shop waiting to get a new belt put on. The first belt they ordered the company sent the wrong one. It went in on August 8th and we are still waiting!


It’s so much easier having the small tractor pull the trailer than me!  Oh well I’ve got to get the work done. The weather hasn’t been that good this year, so I never know if I can do anything outside.

My husband phoned wanting me to come to the Heritage Day Parade in town. He had been in town for a few hours at that point. The parade was better than most years. It had the usual lots of tractors, horse pulled wagons, a number of horseback riders and company floats.

We went for breakfast then I went home to do more work. I found rebar by the siding, there were 2 that were 14 feet long and 2 that were 20 feet long. It still amazes me what I find buried in the bush.

I got tired of moving the siding, so I decided to tackle the rocks at the front door. Neither of us liked the way it looked. I moved all the rocks under the stairs for the clothesline. There were four rocks that were too heavy for me to move, so I left them. My husband had a good idea, to stand the rocks up. It looks much better.

I didn’t take a before picture so this is the best I can do!


My husband is going to move the cement pads that are on the side of the house. It think it’ll look really nice once it’s finished.  I decided to move the cement pads since my husband is ill.  I really like how it looks.

DSC_0001 (1)

At night I went into town to take pictures of the fireworks. They were really good this year. I have a new camera so they came out better than previous years.


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