Too Many Mosquitoes

Today is August 7, the mosquitoes seemed worse than yesterday.  Today I was out at the orchard picking Saskatoon berries.  I had to move around a lot, finally the Thermacell started working.  So I picked for about an hour.

Tweety was getting into so much trouble today, I caught her eating fake flowers.  Then Tweety and Sylvester ripped a whole underneath the couch.  I had to get a pillow case which I tacked and sewed onto the couch.

I met my husband in town for lunch, then I went to Bargain!Shop.

It’s funny every time I leave town for home, I’m so glad I don’t live in town.  We have such a private location.  Nobody watching our every movement.  It’ll just take time to get the acreage to where we want it.



This is what we have behind the garage, a washer, a dryer and what looks to be a sofa?  As my husband says do a little bit each day.  After awhile it is very noticeable the different in the acreage.

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