Time Away from the Acreage

Today is August 1st and we went to Yorkton just to get away and do some shopping.

I think I worked too hard yesterday, I made it 30 minutes out of town when I couldn’t stay awake.  I slept the rest of the way.  We picked up my stepson and went shopping!  When I got to Walmart, I felt like a zombie!  After Walmart we went to Canadian Tire, Canadian Superstore and Staples.  We had lunch at McDonald’s.

We bought drapes for the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom.  Lots of groceries, my prescription and a portable air conditioner for upstairs.  The upstairs must be 10 degrees hotter than the downstairs.  I bought myself a new camera, I’ve been wanting a new one for a couple of years now.

On the way home my Restless Leg Syndrome started on my right leg.  I tried everything, taking Tylenol, stretching it and massaging it but nothing worked.  The drive home is 2 hours and 10 minutes, so a very uncomfortable ride for me.  An hour away from home the Restless Leg Syndrome went into my other leg as well.

I did talk to a Pharmacist at Walmart.  She said the more active I am the worse it can get.  She said to drink more water and to take Calcium with Magnesium.  I might have to have a stronger dosage of my medication.

I was so glad to get home, once I was walking around the Restless Leg Syndrome stopped in both my legs.  I put everything away while my husband did something in his garage.

I took the dogs out on the acreage, they love to run around.  They especially love going into the tall grass!DSC_0002wp.jpg

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