The Clean Up Continues


Today is August 3rd, I went to pick berries this morning for about an hour.  I cleaned up the bush area for a while but the mosquitoes were just terrible.  I decided to go into town and buy a portable bug zapper.

I also bought a Scythe for the grass that is 4 feet high.  We don’t know what is under the grass so we don’t want to use the ride on lawn mower in certain parts.

I tried using the Scythe when I got home but it didn’t work too well.  This Scythe has teeth on both sides and is not very long.  Oh well back to the bush area.  I stopped mid afternoon, my brother-in-law came over to install the dryer.  They couldn’t get the dryer in the room.  It had to be lifted over the washer.  My husband couldn’t help, so my brother-in-law went home.  He later came back with his brother.  They got it in and it works!


We gave the washer and dryer that came with the house to my husband’s brother and his wife.  The two brothers took them out, they were able to get them into their van.

In the evening my husband said there was water in the basement.  It seemed to be coming from outside.  I looked outside but I couldn’t see any water.  My husband turned on another pump but he thought he shouldn’t leave it on overnight.  I didn’t hear the normal sounds of the pump but I don’t know anything about the water pump or the sewer pump.

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