Raining again

Today is August 15, I spent the morning tidying about the upstairs. It’s raining again!   I washed Boozer comforter and pillow.  I gave Boozer a bath, he must of rolled in something.  Later I trimmed his toe nails.  Tweety wanted to join Boozer!

DSC_0001 (1)

I took out of the addition fireplace tools and a rocking chair and put them in the shed.

In the afternoon I started clearing the logs from the back door.  I put the logs away from the house but they will have to be moved to the fire pit.  My husband will do it later with the tractor.  There is a lot of different sized logs and smaller as well a lot of branches.  It’s quite a big section so it could take a while.

My husband starting ripping one of the walls down.  He wanted to see if they had put a wall on the original exterior wall.  He had quite a time since they put sculptured plaster on the wall.  I tried when he was taking a break but it was impossible for me!  Sure enough there are two walls.  He will have to rip down all the interior walls anyways to see where the wiring is.  It’s going to be quite the mess but the floor which is made of wood is rotting and it is smelling really bad.  With all the rain we’ve had I’m sure it has made it worse.

I took the insulation out and there was mouse poop in it.  I told my husband he should get his brother to help him since I won’t touch the insulation.  I just can’t do it.

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