It’s raining cats and dogs!

Today is August 8, my husband took the ride on lawn mower to the mechanic.  The fan belt was jumping, I had run over a branch that I didn’t see.  A good time to bring it in since it is raining so heavily.

I didn’t do any work outside today.  I put up pictures that I hadn’t gotten a chance to hang up. I have 5 concert pictures; James Blunt, Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Billy Joel and Whitney Houston.  I put them in the entrance at the front door.  Above the door I put a dog sign, my husband and my wedding picture I put by the kitchen door.


My girl friend B phoned in the morning, we arrange to meet on Thursday.  She has a pug named Mista and I thought it would be nice for him to meet my pugs.

In the afternoon I dropped off my kitchen drapes with the seamstress.  When I came home I cleaned the furniture that the previous owners had left behind.  I plan on putting them upstairs.  I need something to put my books and stationery on.

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