Cleaning up the bush

Today is August 2,  I woke up at six o’clock time to do some work on the acreage.  I picked 1/2 a pail of Saskatoon berries.  The dogs love eating the berries, Hoss will eat them right off the tree.  He looks so cute.


After picking berries I started cleaning out the bush behind the garage.  I took out 4 wooden windows, 2 wooden framed screens, a load of plastic bags, coffee tins, 2 loads of rotten wood, 1 bed frame, 1 plastic steering wheel, 1 car oil container, 2 car toys, 1 rake, 1 plastic tube, tires, 1 tarp and a wooden block.

I worked from eight o’clock until three o’clock.  I just can’t believe someone would abuse the land this way.  Poisoning the land will end up poisoning us as well.  We can’t live without good soil and the trees for us to breathe.  I feel saddened by all the trees that are burnt or have things nailed into them.

My brother-in-law came to install the washer upstairs.  I told my husband I didn’t want to do laundry downstairs.  A number of people have told me that it is a typical farm house basement.  It is dark and dank, the stairs aren’t the best and I won’t be going down there unless I have too!

I was very happy to have a washing machine again, no more going to the laundry mat.  I’ve gone to my girl friends a number of times.  I feel bad using her machine, electricity and water.  I do have a good visit when I go there.

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