A Day at the Acreage

Today is August 6, I picked Saskatoon berries this morning for 90 minutes.  I went into town to get refills for my Thermacell.  The mosquitoes are really bad this year.  The people that don’t usually get bitten are getting eating alive.  I’ve always had a problem with mosquitoes attacking me, so it’s nothing new.

I overheard a comment yesterday, which made me wonder.  The comment was the mosquitoes are ruining summer.  We live in mosquito country, we have to just deal with it unfortunately.

I use to live in British Columbia and the mosquito were quite different there.  The mosquitoes don’t usually come out during the day.  When dusk hits they come out, so I usually stayed inside at night.

While I was in town, my friend E sent me a text.  She asked if I wanted lettuce.  I told her I would stop by on my way home.  I went to a garage sale and bought a few things.  A really good garage sale.  There was a lot of Christmas items but I held back and left.

While I was at E’s, she should me this Mosquito jacket she had bought in town.  I said I’ve got to get one!  So back to town I went and was able to get my jacket!  They had my size to I can’t wait to see if it works.

I got home and got ready to work in the bush.  I used the Thermacell and my jacket.  The mosquitoes didn’t attack me!  Yeah!

I took out 3 pallets, 2 tarps, 6 barbed wire rolls.  The 2 tarps fit into 3 clear garbage bags.



After dinner I weeded my vegetable garden.  There isn’t much there, I planted pretty late but I hopeful we will get some produce.

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