Too Tired or Clumsy?

I have had a number of injuries, I don’t know if it’s because I’m too tired from packing and moving. Or maybe I’m getting clumsy!

On June 13th our moving day I was taking a box out of the van when I hit my thumb on the van door. I can’t believe the pain it caused, it really stung. I was going to put it under water but I forgot the water pump wasn’t working!


Then on June 23rd I sprained my ankle while getting out of the redneck dog fencing. It didn’t hurt right away but in a few days it was swollen. Then within a week it was quite painful, in two weeks it was excruciating. I had to take Tylenol and Advil through out the day to control the pain. I developed a rash and the doctor thought I had a blood clot. After having a blood test and ultra sound it was determined I had an internal infection. The doctor had given me ointment to use. I continued to use it until the rash disappeared.

On July 1st I was cooking on the side burner on the BBQ. I have a metal pot and usually on the stove it doesn’t get that hot. When I lifted it off the BBQ it was burning hot. Two of my fingers on my left hand got burnt. It was hot searing pain, I’ve never been burnt so badly! I put ice on it right away, I figured it would be better than running the water. The next day my two fingers looked like they were branded. I had no pain and no blister.

The last time I had an accident was on July 5th I was moving stucco patches that had fallen off the addition. There were five in total, the first four weren’t too bad but the fifth one was really heavy. It had rotten wood under it, so it was a little difficult to pull with the crowbar. The crowbar was the only tool I could find to pull them with. Anyways as I was pulling the fifth one the wire on it broke and I went flying across the yard. I must of flown a good five feet. I landed flat on my back hitting the hard ground. The back of my head really hurt, I went inside to make sure I wasn’t bleeding! I was fine but the next day my head felt bruised.


The stucco pads are similar to the one pictured here with the logs on it.

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