Five Pugs Under One Roof

We have five pugs their names are Hoss, Boozer, Diesel, Smokey and Holly. This is the bio on their Facebook page;

We are Five Pugs Under One Roof, I am Hoss the pack leader. I will tell you about my pack. I’m 6 years old, Boozer is 5 years old, Diesel, Smokey and Holly are 3 years old.

My mom bought me to be a companion to Max, a Cairn Terrier in December 2008. She inherited Max from her father. Max and I didn’t get along in the beginning. Max didn’t like it when I could out run him! My mom says I came into her life during a difficult time. She doesn’t think she could of made it through without me!

My mom bought Boozer in August 2010 to be my companion. My dad thought I needed a younger dog to play with. He said I was suppose to be his dog and he wanted his own dog. Boozer and I didn’t get along too well in the beginning. He was so annoying, sniff and licking my butt! So gross! Now we are best buddies!

Boozer came from a woman who was his second owner, the first owner shaved his fur. The woman said he really liked carrots. My dad thinks it’s a big joke since Boozer won’t eat carrots. The woman had another Pug who she said wouldn’t let Boozer eat. So my mom thinks Boozer ate carrots because he was so hungry. He was really skinny when he came to our home. You could see his spine and all his ribs!

My mom thinks Boozer was hit a lot because if she pats him, he ducks. One day she was taking a page off the calendar and Boozer ran out of the kitchen. Another time mom was making tea and took the tea box out of the cupboard and Boozer ran out of the kitchen. My mom thinks Boozer was hit with a newspaper.

Boozer really loves my mom, he’s so happy mom rescued him. He likes her to hold him like a baby. My mom thinks if Boozer had his way he would sit on my moms lap all day long.

My dad gave Boozer extra treats to get him to a heavier weight. My mom says Boozer put on too much weight and now he needs to loose weight. Boozer started going on the treadmill.He liked it in the beginning but I think he thinks it’s boring. Boozer lost a pound in a month.

My mom bought two rescue dogs in January 2012. Once again my dad wanted another dog. This time he wanted a black pug. My dad’s son John found two rescue dogs on The ad said they were abused and the female might be pregnant. My dad got my mom to talk to the owner. My mom asked if the dogs would get along with other dogs. The owner said yes. My mom asked how they were abused and the owner said they had rescued them from someone that wanted to keep them outside all winter. The winters here can get to -25C, too cold for a Pug to be outside all the time.

My mom and dad decided to go get the dogs. They drove 3.5 hours one way to get them. When they got there the owner wasn’t home and they talked to her cousin. My mom paid for the dogs and then my dad asked about the female dogs eye. The cousin said the previous owner had used a choke collar on her and her eye had bugged out. The female was missing an eye. My mom and dad decided they should still take the dogs.

On the way home my mom noticed that the male dogs one eye was blue. She wondered if he was blind in that eye.

After they got home they waited awhile before they introduced us to the new dogs. We didn’t like the other dogs much. They tried to fight us right away. The female (Summer) thought she was the pack leader! Summer would tell the male (Ben) when to fight us. Summer didn’t like Boozer at all, she wouldn’t let him eat. He lost 5 pound in one month!
Mom took Summer and Ben to the vet to be checked, she wanted to make sure they were healthy. Ben had an ulcer in his eye. Pretty big the vet said, she gave my mom eye drops to put in ever day. She said Summers eye had ruptured and was probably still in her eye socket. She was healthy and would go into heat in a few weeks. The vet said the white fur on their heads were actually scars. They probably had been put into dog fights.

My mom watched all of us and tried to get us to get along but Summer and Ben wanted to fight us all the time. My mom had to stop the fighting almost ever day. Summer got pregnant by Ben a few weeks after they came to our home. A week before she was to have her pups, my mom separated Summer from us and she stayed in the house while we were outside. We slept in our beds downstairs and Summer slept upstairs. Ben complained so much he would disturb our sleep.

Summer had her pups on April 16, 2012. First came Diesel he was all black with a touch of white on his chest. Then Smokey he was a brownish grey, he later turned to a fawn color. Holly, was all black except for a V to white on her chest. There was a fourth pup but he was stillborn.

Summer didn’t want to nurse her pups that much, she would rather be with Ben. My mom had to put her with Ben during the day for short periods of time. She became depressed without him and wouldn’t eat. The vet said she and Ben suffered from separation anxiety. My mom thinks they truly loved each other, experienced bad things together and comforted each other.

The puppies developed dandruff, my mom didn’t know if it was dry skin or mange. She took them to the vet, the vet did skin scraping. She said the microscope showed nothing. So it was safe to say they didn’t have bugs.

Two weeks later my mom took the puppies into the vet for their shots. The day before my mom noticed that Summer had a sore on her ear. She brought her too. The vet discovered that Summer was infested with bugs in her ear. Gross! She said Summer probably had the bugs before she came to our home. We all had to be given medicine in case we had the bugs too. My mom was not impressed, since she had asked the vet to check Ben and Summer thoroughly.

My dad decided it would be better for them to keep all the pups and try to find a home for Summer and Ben. They were able to find a couple who always wanted a Pug but couldn’t afford to buy one. Mom explained the problem of the dogs not getting along with us. She also told them about their eyes, how Summer was missing an eye and Ben had an ulcer in his eyes.

They had to take Ben and Summer to the new owners, it was a 2 hour drive one way. Ben liked the man right away. My mom felt the man was a kind person that seemed to be good with animals. She thought Ben and Summer would be okay in their new home. She did feel really guilty but she felt it was better for Max, me and Boozer.

A few days later she introduced the puppies to us one at a time. The puppies were crazy! They ran at us and tried to lick our faces. Boozer and I tried to run away from them as much as possible. They really liked Max, my mom thinks they thought he was one of their parents because he’s all black. They would run to him, waging their tails. They would lick his face and pull on his fur, he didn’t even mind!

After about a month we got use to each other, we don’t mind them as much. Mom says she doesn’t think she could have 3 puppies at the same time again. They are so much work to train!


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