Adopting Kittens

We adopted a kitten that was being given away on the Hudson Bay Garage Sale Site on Facebook. We decided since we have mice in the house we will need a cat to control the mice.

20160616_213353 (1)

I had sent a message that we wanted the kitten, the owner was to bring it on June 16 if it didn’t rain. I didn’t receive any other messages. We were really busy still moving so I didn’t have time to check messages until later that day. I checked messages after supper . I did receive a message from my girlfriend B that she had the kitten.

I went to her house and picked up the kitten. Since I didn’t receive a message I had no supplies on hand. Thankfully  B lent me her Pet Carrier and a litter box. She also gave me cat food and kitty litter.  The next day I went to pick up kitten food and a few toys for her to play with.

My husband said his brother wanted to know if we would take his black cat Sylvester. He is the brother to our kitten. My husband said no originally but I said it probably would be a good idea . Our kitten would have a playmate, the first night she cried quite a bit. We hadn’t picked out a name yet but we decided to call her Tweety! I went to get Sylvester that night.

Tweety was very happy to see her brother. They tackled each other and chased one another, it was really cute to see them play together.


A week later Sylvester was lying on his back wanting a tummy rub. I was rubbing his chest when I noticed he had female parts. My husband bugged his brother that he didn’t know the difference! He said that the owner had told him that Sylvester was a boy.

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