Living on the Acreage

We had our first night in the house.  My husband has been complaining because we don’t have any water.  We are really green when it comes to knowing what or how things work on the acreage.

My husband asked me to call one of my friends to come and take a look.  The two of them were checking the well and the basement.

DSC_0013 (1)

I was outside trying to stay out of the way.  When I came back in they said a line had burst.  I called the local plumber and they said they would send someone out.

The plumber came today to look at the broken line.  He said he would send someone else out that he didn’t have the proper tools.   No one came in the afternoon, we will have to wait until Monday.

My husband was pretty upset that we didn’t have any water.  There really is nothing we can do.  I go to the old house to have a shower or do laundry.  We have the old house until the 22nd of June.



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