Today is June 23, that afternoon I was going to giving the dogs water in their yard.  The redneck fencing is still up.  It has tables and lattice’s.  As I was coming out my left foot hooked on the lattice and I fell down.  I called to my husband who was sitting about 10 or 20 feet away.  I yelled his name three times but nothing!  I got up and went over to him.  I said I just fell didn’t you hear me calling you?  He said he didn’t.

I felt fine afterwards, no pain or swelling.  There wasn’t any swelling until a couple of days later.  My husband thought it looked fine but when I went to see my friend K she said it definitely looked swollen.  On June 28 I went to see the doctor.  I told the doctor that my ankle was swollen and there were red marks on my ankle.  I thought maybe they were from my sock.  The doctor said it is possible, he wanted me to have it xrayed  to make sure it wasn’t broken.  He thought it was a sprain.  Don’t wear socks and to keep it elevated, he said.  So much for doing much on the acreage!

I went back to the doctor on July 12 since my ankle was still swollen and the red marks are still there.  The doctor said the swelling should be gone.  He asked if the red marks were itchy, I said no.  Is it red on the side in the morning?  I said yes it is.  The doctor said I could have a blood clot, he ordered blood tests.  The doctor gave me a prescription for ointment to put on my foot.  He said if you don’t hear from me, everything is okay.

The clinic phoned on July 15 to tell me I was booked for an emergency ultra sound on July 18.  I said I didn’t even know I was going for an ultra sound.  She said the doctor thinks you might have a blood clot.

It sure was a long weekend waiting to go for the ultra sound.  The ultra sound went well except when the technician grab my foot and pointed it.  That hurt a lot!  She told me the doctor would get the results tomorrow.

I didn’t hear from the doctor in the morning, so I called in the afternoon.  The receptionist said the doctor had taken the afternoon off!  I left a message with my regular doctor to call me.  She didn’t call until the next day, told me a lot of medical jargon then said there was no blood clot!  I said YEAH!  You cannot know how relieved I am.  She said to keep the leg elevated (by elevated the leg must be above the heart) and to continue with the cream.

I spent the next week with my leg elevated on three cushions while I slept.  It made quite the different.

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