Day four for moving

It is June 16 and my husband has the day off.  He’s exhausted from moving and working but that was his choice. He changed his mind we will be sleeping in the new house tonight.  So this morning we will be moving the mattress and box spring.

It’s funny how some people react to change and moving.  My husband doesn’t do well with moving or change.  He’s very stressed with the whole situation.  He figures I should have the kitchen done already.  It’s the worst room in the house!  There is so much stuff; dishes, pots, pans, baking items, cookbooks,etc.



I went out with my friend L, we met for coffee then did a bit of shopping.  When I came back to the acreage, my husband had made a temporary fenced area for the dogs.  As I drove into the driveway the dogs started barking.  Then they all came running out of the fenced area.  I thought this how he contains the dogs?

We have five dogs; Hoss, Boozer, Diesel, Smokey and Holly.  They are all Pugs, three fawn and two black.

My husband said they were fine before I drove in and then they found a way out.  I told my husband it looks like something a redneck would build.  He said well that’s what I am!

There is so much work to be done in the house!



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