Day Three for moving

Today is June15, my husband is at work this morning.  I’m back at the acreage cleaning the kitchen.  My husband doesn’t understand how long it takes to clean the cupboards and line them.  There are mouse turds everywhere.  I feel so uncomfortable cleaning them and afterwards I feel gross.

It seems a challenge just decided where everything should go.  The cupboards above the sink are very high.  I can open them if I’m on my tip toes and I’m 5’5″!

DSC_0010 (1)

I decided above the sink I will put things that I use occasionally use.  The every day items will be within reach.  The top shelves in the lower cupboards are pretty high.  I have to stand on my tip toes to get anything.  I do have a step ladder which really comes in handy.

My husband is usually in the garage or in the lean to which is beside the garage.  He says the house is my responsibility.  Oh my how 1950’s is that!  So he thinks it’s more important to get rid of the rotten boards the previous owner left behind than help in the house!

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