Day Two for moving

My husband went to work while I made more trips to the acreage.  I sorted the boxes into the different rooms.  I started on cleaning the kitchen, the house had been unoccupied for 4 or 5 years.  I thought there was bits of dirt on the stove.  I asked my house when he came home and he said it was mouse poop.  Well that really upset me knowing how deadly mouse poop is.

My father had told me when he was working at B.C. Telephone Company, his coworker had died from mouse poop.  My father and his coworker were telephone installers.  The coworker went into the crawl space of the office building.  Apparently there was mouse poop every where and he inhaled the dust from it.  He passed away not long afterwards.

I was really disappointed in the Real Estate agent that she hadn’t mentioned it.  I would have had hired a company to clean the entire house.  My husband was adamant that we moved in as quickly as possible.  It will take quite some time to clean the kitchen.  The previous owner looked like they just up and left.  There were dishes in the cupboard and the dishwasher.

I had to clean inside the cupboards and every time I opened a cupboard I had a vision of a mouse jumping out at me!

It took me most of the morning cleaning the kitchen and I’m not done yet.

I had contacted my girlfriend in the morning about helping us move the heavy furniture.  She and her three friends are to meet us at the old house at two o’clock.  The three friends were in their earlier twenties and very strong!  I know my husband and I wouldn’t have been able to carry them!

My husband has Polymyositis, he is in constant pain.  The disease is when the immune system attacks the muscles.  The immune systems thinks it’s the enemy.  I have a metal plate in my right leg.  I had broken my leg and since the surgery I cannot carry much weight.  My husband and I will be turning sixty next year.  We just aren’t capable of doing physical work.  Let alone moving an entire house!

My girlfriend friends ending up moving my treadmill, t.v. stand and freezer from the basement.   My husband thought the two of us could move it!  Then they moved my china cabinet, table, the king and queens chairs from the upstairs.

They looked exhausted, my girlfriend was taking them to have ice cream.  We gave her the money for it, it’s the least we could do.  It really didn’t seem much but they seemed  happy with it.

My husband was tired from working and the move in the afternoon.  He looked panicked in the afternoon with everything going on.  He finds it so hard not to be able to do things like he use to.  We went out for dinner and then called it a night.


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