Moving Day

On June 13 we met our Real Estate agent at nine o’clock in the morning.  It was an exciting new adventure for my husband, my self and our five dogs.  We had been dreaming about having our own acreage for years and now it was coming true!

My neighbour from our old neighbourhood had volunteered to help me move the boxes.  I wouldn’t have accomplished so much without her!  My husband was getting everything he needed from the garage.  I didn’t really agree with it but what am I to do?

While I was taking a box out of the van, I misjudged the distance and hit my thumb on the van door.  I couldn’t believe how much it stung!

Around two o’clock my neighbour left, I thanked her profusely.  Letting her know I couldn’t have accomplished as much without her help.

My husband and I drove back and forth, we must of made six trips that day.  I wanted to rent a U-Haul but he wouldn’t hear of it.

My girlfriend was kind enough to invite us for dinner.  We had a lovely dinner of roast beef and the works!  It was wonderful not to think about dinner and to prepare it.  It was so nice to just sit and rest for an hour or so.  My girlfriend offered herself and her friends to come and help us tomorrow.

We didn’t stay at the new house that night, we still had so much more to move yet.  We went back to our old house, the possession day for the new people is June 22.

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